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ShowLED features upgraded Animation High Output system at Plasa 2012.

October 26th 2012

Longtime Plasa exhibitor ShowLED returns to Earls Court with several new starcloth product developments.

Recent upgrades to the Animation High Output system include controllers and LED strings that offer a stunning 3000 Hz ‘dimming modulation frequency’, allowing for flicker free configurations in combination with other studio equipment.
The LED dots in the ShowLED High Output system emit up to 12 times more light than standard Animation LEDs. Developed for theatre and TV studio applications, the High Output LED curtains achieve a sublimely even light distribution when applied as backlighting for cyclorama cloths and projection screens.
The brightness of the LEDs allow the user to produce the same results as traditional lighting effects with a mere 30cm distance between the ShowLED High Output curtain and the diffuser screen.
The system was developed for creating traditional stage backdrops with a variety of light and colour intensities and for producing ambient lighting in venues like casinos and nightclubs.
ShowLED High Output can also be used to animate scenery, create sets on the spot, or run graphics.